2 Basic Swimming Skills Everyone Should Learn

2 Basic Swimming Skills Everyone Should Learn Today

Swimming is a universal sport. During swimming, the movement of body relieves joints and struggle against water makes the muscles strong and work hard. It is an exercise which can be learned in less than few days. To make this exercise beneficial, one must learn the basic swimming techniques and maintain them even when the muscles feel tired.

Swimming and its basic strokes take a lot of energy; therefore the swimmer should know the proper way to breathe in water and also to hold breath under water. This can be practiced by keeping the head turned to one side and raised a little to breathe. This can be done less or more frequently, depending on the stamina of the swimmer.

Before jumping in water it is advised to streamline first by tightening the body and squeezing the hands between the ears. The legs are used to kick and push way from the wall and to increase the momentum of the stroke. If the leg and hand movements are according to proper technique then it can help to maximize the distance achieved per stroke.

In order to excel in swimming, a person should have knowledge about the basic strokes and their technique. There are four strokes taught in swimming:

Freestyle Swimming

What is Freestyle Swimming?

It is the basic stroke learned in swimming. There are two techniques involved in Freestyle:

– Arms go forward. Then one hand goes down, catches water in front, and exit passing by the thigh. This hand touches the other one which in turn repeats the same movement.

Fingers are kept open and relaxed so that more water is caught in each stroke and also helps to maximize the distance each lap.

– Legs are used to kick and propel through water. Hips supply the power because they have stronger and bigger muscles as compared to calves.

The feet don’t need to come out of water as the forward movement is achieved by kicking or fluttering in the water.

Why to Learn Freestyle Swimming Technique?

Freestyle Swimming Stroke is the most common swimming stroke. The reason behind it’s popularity is that freestyle is the fastest and most efficient swimming stroke you can perform. In a survival situation, freestyle swimming is the best way you can move forward in the water. Also, freestyle swimming stroke is the most natural way to swim and it’s instinctive. You can easily roll on your back when swimming freestyle if you are exausted.

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BackStroke Swimming

What is Freestyle Backstroke Swimming?

Backstroke is done while lying on the back, therefore it is referred as opposite of freestyle. The techniques followed in this stroke are:

– The head is kept faced towards the sky. The movement of the hands is from the thigh towards the person’s ears. Both hands move alternately.

– Along the movement of hands, legs keep fluttering with force coming from the hips. Swimmer can achieve body roll and body tilt while using the arm. This causes less drag in water.

The correct performance of this stroke can be checked by placing a small donut shaped plastic on head. If it doesn’t fall than the person is following the technique rightly.

Why to Learn  Backstroke Swimming Technique?

Backstroke is one of the most easiest swimming stroke in terms of breathing in the water. Since the head is always out of water, it is very easy to breathe when swimming backstroke. This is a greate survival stroke because your head is out of water all the time and you can see the envoirnment around you. It is also the least exausting swimming stroke.

Now since you have learned about the 2 basic swimming skills in this article, it’s time to practice and master these skills yourself. Following are the videos you should watch to learn basics of swimming.

How to Breathe When Swimming – Learn Freestyle Breathing Technique

How to Float in Water | 4 Easy Steps | Important Survival Skill

To learn proper swimming techniques, one needs a good instructor. If you have are going to swim first time, we recommend you to get started with private swimming lessons. It is important to learn swimming from professional instructors.

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