Swimming For Weight Loss: Can It Be Done?

loose weight by swimming

Swimming is a great exercise for many people. It can also be very refreshing and cooling during the summer months when the sun is high up and the heat is unbearable. However, is swimming enough to aid in weight loss? Is it on the same level as running or going to gym in terms of helping people shed unwanted pounds?

Experts actually think that it is, as swimming is actually very good for those wanting to lose unwanted pounds, as well as toning muscle and looking for a leaner physique. How then exactly is swimming for weight loss effective?

Can swimming aid weight loss?

Swimming for weight loss is actually a very good form of exercise. Swimming makes use of many of our muscles and targets all of our major muscles, and so you whole body gets a workout. It also suits any age or fitness level, and can be done even for those who are asthmatic or those who have injuries. Aside from being able to save your life someday, swimming works out your core, hips, arms, shoulders, and glutes especially, making this work out one of the best for the average person. There is also more oxygen in your system as you learn to breathe deeply when you swim, which helps you be more alert and focused.

Many people often do swimming for weight loss, as it also helps tone the muscle and skin, so you do not have too much loose skin or look saggy or too thin. It is thus also a good way of complementing your diet, so that you not only lose the fat, but also become healthier and stronger through the building of muscle, rather than become weak, tired, or irritable, which often happens to people on a diet due to lesser food intake.

Swimming is also good for therapy and rehabilitating muscles, especially those who have injuries that have affected their muscles and thus need to exercise them on a regular basis to strengthen them once again. While everyone may want to exercise, not everyone can do running, circuit, or go to the gym.

The water is also very relaxing and can soothe tired and stressed bodies—so you are not just getting fit, you are getting relaxed as well. It is also not as straining on the body compared to running, or intensive work outs at the gym such as high intensity circuit or cross fit training. Similar to yoga, swimming can help relax a tense mind and body.

All in all swimming for weight loss is very promising for people. The many benefits of swimming all come together for a healthier and happier person. While weight loss may be the main target for those who are into swimming for weight loss, a load of other health benefits can be found, making swimmers not just sexy and thin, but also healthy and fit. Coupled with a good and balanced diet, your body will definitely thank you for all the advantages swimming brings.

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